“Yoga Yoga has made a strong impact in my life. It has opened the gates to a better life style for me. When I first entered the studio, I felt a sense of peace and love in the atmosphere. I was greeted by one of the teachers who made me feel so welcomed. Yoga Yoga offers many classes, from vigorous workouts to gentle poses in which you can go at your own pace. I chose gentle yoga because I am a 59 year old woman with fibromyalgia. The gentle poses made my by body feel better, and I left the studio feeling more rejuvenated and comfortable. I felt a sense of accomplishment which made me feel better about myself. Yoga Yoga offers a variety of workshops as well which I find of great interest. As a result of my involvement with Yoga Yoga, I have made some friends, some of which include teachers.”
– Miriam M.

“What would I do with Yoga Yoga? I’ve started going regularly for almost a year now and my yoga practice is growing. And so am I. This coming from a girl that could not even touch her toes and is now doing hand stands. I take Linda’s Monday night class and cannot imagine my week without it. Linda is my perfect yogi combining a challenging yoga workout and blending inspirational quotes from great masters and the Gita. Yoga Yoga is a place I will be faithful to… because I intend to be faithful to my health, flexibility and inner wellbeing. All the things that Yoga Yoga can provide.”
– Maybeth F., Newhall, CA

“I’ve been going here for over a year now. I started going when work was getting too stressful for me and my health was suffering. I started with their intro to yoga workshop with Kim on a Saturday afternoon. I highly recommend it for yoga beginners! It really helps you understand what yoga is all about and how to get the most out of it. I really liked the way Kim made me feel at ease and comfortable being a beginner. I started going to her Friday evening classes regularly and then tried out a few other classes when I couldn’t make Friday evenings. Linda’s Tuesday classes are a little more challenging, but I like that sometimes! Blaire’s classes were more like pilates as well, I felt I really had a work out after those. Melissa’s restoratives on Wednesdays are amazing. It’s a very relaxing class. She adds a little aromatherapy into it and a short massage. It definitely makes you feel ready to finish the week off! I love that the yoga studio is open to walk-ins. You don’t need any memberships, but they have class deals where you can buy any number of classes at a time for a discount that expire in 90 days. It’s very flexible!”
– Hillary T., Valencia, CA

“Yoga Yoga ROCKS! I have been going for 7 years or so now and wouldn’t go anywhere else! I was in a motorcycle accident 10 years ago and they have been the best physical therapy for me and my ‘special needs’. Blaire and Linda have taken my body to new levels through stretching and strengthening using props to get me through inversions salutations and poses. Ana gives a wonderful yoga/pilates class on Monday nights and awesome yoga on Tuesday evenings. When I feel the need, Kim J’s Gentle yoga is a comfortable ease back in taking into account everyone’s injuries, etc. It feels like a family at Yoga Yoga and we’re all welcome – old timers like me and first timers alike! I’m here to stay!”
– P M., Valencia, CA

“Yoga Yoga is a small and intimate studio, it feels like home. It’s a place to go and be totally supported in your practice by everyone, starting when you walk through the door…the owner, Laurie; her assistant, Cara; all of the knowledgeable teachers and fellow students are warm and welcoming. You soon begin to feel like you’ve stumbled into this great family, where everyone cares and encourages one another to just do the yoga and let it all go. I did the 220hr Teacher Training Program at Yoga Yoga and am amazed at the incredible growth in my yoga practice and life because of it. Linda and Blaire and everyone else involved in the program made it so wonderful and such a lovely experience. They are so genuine and sincerely dedicated to helping their students succeed…I love this studio!”
– Posted on Yellowpages.com

“I was new to yoga but the excellent teachers at Yoga Yoga quickly made me feel at ease and comfortable. I have tried a variety of classes and haven’t yet met an instructor who wasn’t friendly, informative and a true expert. Each has been careful to accommodate and offer helpful suggestions to each student. I highly recommend this studio!”
– Sally A H

“Yoga Yoga has new owners and the changes they have made have only made my favorite yoga studio even better! The lobby is completely redone and upgrades & improvements are in the works for the rest of the studio as well. As always, the teachers are top notch. This is the perfect studio for beginners and experienced student alike. I highly recommend this studio to anyone interested in trying yoga. You won’t be disappointed!!”
– Carol L

“I have been a member of Yoga Yoga for many years. I love my evenings when I attend class. It’s everything I’d hope for. The environment is relaxing and comfortable. There are a variety of classes at different levels I can choose from. All of the instructors are top notch and have wonderful skills to help the student progress to the best of their abilities. The class times are also varied so I can make a class even with my work schedule. Ana is an excellent teacher and gives such explicit directions that you don’t even have to watch her to achieve the proper position. I love her. I highly recommend this studio for anyone wanting to do Yoga.”
– Judie Udoff

“The teachers at Yoga Yoga are top notch. They really focus on making the “practice of yoga” more than “just a practice.” Their knowledge of yoga, attention to the specific needs of students including assistance with alternations or props if there are specific injuries or limitations is outstanding. The comprehensive approach with poses, breathing exercises, and restorative yoga is phenomenal. Thank you Yoga Yoga for high quality teachers, excellent classes, and a beautiful studio to practice in. Namaste.”
– Alissa M

“Taking yoga classes at Yoga Yoga is just plain wonderful. The time and care that the teachers provide allow the student to have a deeper insight into the poses and their own body. Having a class set aside for a group of women that I enjoy being around is an amazing experience, made better by the expertise of our fabulous teacher Jennifer Jhaveri. Jennifer matches our needs and abilities to each class, and we always come out in bliss. Thank you Laurie for allowing us this wonderful opportunity to grow and practice in a comfortable, fun, caring environment!”
– Julie Molinare

“I always feel so joyful and at peace with myself after doing yoga. I don’t know how I managed for so long without it in my life!”
– Cathy J

“One very nice feature of this studio is the sky-light which keeps the place nice and cheery.”

“Thank you Yoga Yoga for being here and helping out all the people that have attended classes including myself and my family. I’m looking forward to my next class!”

“I just started taking yoga at Yoga Yoga a couple months ago. You don’t have to pay a monthly membership if you don’t want to – you can just drop in and pay class by class.”

“The instructors are excellent and the space is relaxing. They are welcoming to new comers and patiently teach the positions.”

“Yoga Yoga has been a wonderful place to do yoga and a comfortable atmosphere. Highly recommend this place!”