Nurture your spirit and become a Yoga instructor

Teacher Training Program at Yoga Yoga

Our Teacher Certification program is carefully designed for serious students who want to deepen their practice to find a path of life as well as for those students who wish to become Yoga instructors. You will learn in depth to appreciate  the theory, philosophy & practice of yoga asana. You will also learn to understand the art of sequencing, to communicate knowledge clearly, to deepen your own practice, to use therapeutic application of yoga at appropriate level and to refine and mature your teaching skill.

This program features

Convenient Weekend Meeting

Amazing Guest Teachers

Form a class upon Graduation 

Unlimited Yoga Classes with experienced teachers 

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The Yoga Yoga Teacher Training program is a 50 hour main module and then a 170 hour advanced module for a total 220 hour certification program. Our program is offered on the weekends to make it available to as many people as possible.

  • Our 50 hour Main Module Certificate of Completion program is offered over 4 consecutive weekends, 6 hrs sat & 6 hrs sun.
  • Our 220 hour Certification Program is comprised of the 50 hour Main Module and 170 hour Advanced program which takes place mostly on Saturday afternoons a few times each month over a total of nine months.
  • The completion of the entire program over 10 months allows you to study in-depth over a period of time in order for you to absorb the information and bring your new knowledge into your practice and ultimately your teaching.
  • The 10 month program allows you time to assist with an experienced teacher, practice teaching with a mentor teacher and hone skills for the lifelong gift of teaching.

50 hr Main Module

Course dates to be announced

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220 hr Program (50 hour main module + 170 hour program)

Information same as above, with the addition of a 170-hour program.

Regular price: 200 Hours $2950.00 


Monthly Payment option/installments are available; please speak with Rebecca.

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For in-depth training, leading to Certification and Yoga Alliance Registration at the 200 hour level, Completion of the Main Module 50 hours is required. The 220 hour program consists of 199 contact hours with teachers. The full 220 hour Certification begins with the Main Module and continues to meet approximately ever other Saturday for 9 months in which intensive training, in-depth work and class assisting will prepare you fully to teach confidently and allow you to register as a Yoga Alliance 200 hour certified teacher.

In addition to carefully planned workshops, practice teaching seminars and special teacher courses scheduled for the 9 months, the Core group will continue to meet the first Saturday bi-monthly with Linda Wissmath to process questions and obstacles and allow for a mentor relationship with a senior teacher. Actual contact hours with primary teachers will be 140 with a total of 199 contact hours with teachers. Additionally, you will be required to do a minimum of 2 hours homework a week, continue a home practice, assist for a minimum of 18 hours and take 28 hours of classes from Primary Teachers.

Unlimited Yoga

One of the greatest gifts of participating in Yoga Yoga Teacher Training program is unlimited free yoga during the course of your training with the Primary Teachers Linda Wissmath & Blaire Chodor & other experienced teachers and a discounted rate of $8 for all other regularly scheduled classes offered at Yoga Yoga. This is almost half the cost of our regular drop-in rate.


A flexible body free of injuries is NOT a requirement for this training. In fact, WE ENCOURAGE people with all body types and those with physical challenges to consider this program. Yoga is at heart, a practice of meeting the body where it is at in its current condition and then working to slowly and respectfully move deeper. The struggles and challenges you will face through the course of this training will only make you a better teacher. If you are waiting for the day when you can finally get your foot behind you head to become a teacher or commit to take your practice to the next level, you may be denying yourself the opportunity of a lifetime!

No formal experience is required to enroll in Yoga Yoga Teacher Training program. However, we do recommend that you have had at least one year of regular practice prior to the start of the course. Participating in this training will be a profound experience – taking you to places in your body and mind that you never thought possible. We will be doing lots of yoga asana, chanting, panorama and meditation, and you will be required to do a minimum of 2 hours homework a week in addition to 2 yoga classes per week and start a home practice. Making this kind of commitment to yoga is not something you should undertake lightly. Please make sure you have done enough yoga to know it is something with which you truly want to spend time.

What is the Yoga Alliance?

Because no legal guidelines exist for teaching yoga, The Yoga Alliance has composed minimum educational standards for Yoga teachers and yoga teacher training programs. Yoga Alliance compliancy is a very important credential to look for when choosing a teacher training program.

Who are the teachers?

Linda Wissmath will be the primary teacher for the 50 hour Main Module. Linda has 20 years yoga experience. She is a certified Yoga Instructor with fifteen years private and group teaching experience.

  • Her first Teacher Training was at Sivananda Ashram in Grass Valley in 1992
  • Completed Integrative Yoga Therapy Teacher Training 1994
  • Yoga Works Teacher Training 1998
  • Advanced Teacher Training Yoga Works 2003
  • Iyengar Module Teacher Training
  • Ongoing advanced Teacher Trainings with Lisa Walford
  • Certified Pilates Mat Instructor with four years Pilates mat group leadership

Linda has significant experience in therapeutics and special populations including Pre-Natal and Back Care. Her classes combine spiritual concepts, classic yoga sequencing and a balance between correct form in the physical body with awareness of mind and flow of energy. She has an MFA in Painting from Cal Arts.

Blaire Chodor has studied yoga for 18 years and has been teaching for the last 15 years. Blaire’s first teachers David Life and Sharon Ganon at Jivamukti, NYC inspired her life long passion for yoga. Blaire teaches with compassion and humor making even the most challenging poses accessible and fruitful.

  • Certificate from Sivananda Teacher Training in Grass Valley
  • Completed Teacher Training at Yoga Zone with Rod Stryker in Brentwood
  • Currently completed certification with Judith Lasater in Relax and Renew Techniques
  • Certified Pilates mat teacher from the Physical Mind Body Institute

Questions and Registration

If you need any additional information or would like to register for this program, please visit or call 661-222-7777 or 661-803-6900. We look forward to hearing from you!